2014 Summer Camp

Young Detroit thinkers would like to invite you to sign up for our 2014 Summer Camp. The camp’s program focuses on continued education for students outside the classroom, health and wellness activities designed to promote healthy lifestyle options, and chess camp just to name a few.

We invite you to read about the Summer Camp on our website. Let’s make this a summer to remember!!! Please contact Young Detroit Thinker’s should you have any questions and feel free to always leave a comment.

Young Detroit Thinkers Summer Camp provides advanced players with tactics, combinations and strategies of chess. Summer camp will also provide students with opportunities to develop and practice leadership and social action skills in order to become catalyst for change.  Bullying classes engage students in group conversations and role playing to help them understand the harm and act of bullying.

Here’s a list of our activities:

  • Chess Camp
  • Walking Detroit City Tours
  • Physical Fitness walks
  • Girls/Boys  Leadership classes
  • Etiquette class
  • Bullying class
  • Theater— Acting

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